Chemical Injection Equipment

Injection Skids

Chemical Injection Skids

Injection Skids

Chemical Injection Skids

Advanced Chemicals have the capability to design, supply and commission chemical injection equipment on behalf of our customers. This includes the following

  • Chemical Injection Skids (electric and pneumatic)
  • Chemical Injection Atomizing Quills


We currently stock a suite of portable chemical injection skids at our storage locations. These are available to our customers on a lease basis for field trials and new chemical applications.

Corrosion Monitoring Services and Equipment

Corrosion Monitoring Services and Equipment and supplied by Advanced Chemicals to complement our CORRNOX corrosion inhibitor range.

We can supply corrosion monitoring services from industry experts to safely install and remove corrosion monitoring devices in live lines via the 1” low pressure retractable and 2” high pressure retrievable systems.

Corrosion monitoring devices include weight loss coupons, ER probes and LPR probes for water systems


ISO Certification

Federal Group

Federal Group

Advanced Chemicals FZC is part of the Federal Group of Companies

The Federal Group consists of a number of specialized services companies providing support services to the oil & gas industry in Iraq.

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