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Advanced Chemicals have direct experience in implementing and managing CMS type contracts in challenging remote locations.

CMS contracts involve a strategic, typically long term relationship in which a customer contracts with Advanced Chemicals to supply and manage all the customer’s production chemical related requirements which can include field laboratory supply, lab technicians, laboratory equipment, lab and chemical services, supply chain management, chemical decanting, chemical injection skid supply and maintenance, corrosion monitoring services, chemical treatment program optimization and more.

Under a CMS contract the compensation maybe tied directly to performance rather than quantity of chemical delivered which strategically aligns the key performance indicators of the customer and Advanced Chemicals.

CMS contracts go beyond simply invoicing and delivering products to optimizing processes, continuously reducing customer’s risks and reducing environmental impact. These CMS related services are typically performed more effectively and at a lower cost to the customer than the customer can do themselves.

Advanced Chemicals have extensive experience in setting up and implementing several CMS type contracts with key clients. References are available on request.













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Federal Group

Advanced Chemicals FZC is part of the Federal Group of Companies

The Federal Group consists of a number of specialized services companies providing support services to the oil & gas industry in Iraq.

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